Nuzlocke Challenge part 2
[Oofuri] ulp-Mihashi

So we begin today on our way to Violet city......Hooters died on the way. Only to be replaced by MahBelly, a Level 3 Bellsprout. I trained a bit and caught a lvl. 6 male Wooper and named him Stevie. At the same time, MahBelly almost lost and died to a Mareep. ;^;

At this time, I decided to cheat for 10x EXP. This is because it moves a lot faster.... ;-;` I like this idea of moving fast. orz;

So I train a bit and it's nighttime when I go into Sprout tower. I catch a Gastly and name him PoppyCock! C:

I go through and beat the sprout tower sages, MEGA evolves into a Bayleef!! My first evolution! ;u;!!

I go to the gym after healing at the PokeCenter take FOREVER to beat Falkner! holy fuck! his damned pidgeotto kept healing itself.....over and over and over ;o;!! But I eventually beat him! I received the egg from Elm. And quickly made my way to Azalea! I caught a Zubat on the way. I forgot to name her but, when I get to Goldenrod I name her Prince Zuzu!

I also catch an Ekans and name her Princess Snake. She goes to the box as well.

I check out Ilex forest once in Azalea and catch an Oddish and name her Fodder. I shortly beat team rocket with ease surprisingly..
and afterwards I go to the gym and beat Bugsy.

During the process, Mr. Scuttles dies T_T!!! RIP Mr.Scuttles!!!

I then run around and let my stupid egg hatch name the togepi Omelette... defeat Silver. Catch some farfetch'd go through the forest!

Train Omelette! He gets poisoned! YEAH!......but poison fades away /cries! I hate it!

And I go to Goldenrod! Catch a Drowzee goes into box and named him Hypnochan. :) Rename Zubat. Go train, Stevie and PrinceZuzu evolve into Quagsire and Golbat respectively! Catch a Nidoran male. Name him Tantri! :) and I then go get my radio card

I train Tantri until he evolves. Go defeat Whitney. Get quirt bottle. Defeat stupid Sudowoodo!...get to ecretertujasdgdf city C: heal pokemon go to dance theater. defeat TR Grunt and receive Surf.

And that's all I did today!

Total game play: 7 hous

Nuzlocke Challenge part 1
[DBZ] WTF Nappa
Okay. So, I'll be keeping a record of my Nuzlocke challenge on Pokemon SoulSilver here.

I will admit, I cheated in the beginning, just for the balls. There was no rule AGAINST it, so :)

I will playing without cheating the rest of the way. No matter how much I whine and complain about.

1. Whenever a Pokemon is knocked out it is considered dead and must be released.
2. You must ONLY catch the first Pokemon you see in each new route.
3. Meaningful Nicknames.
4. SET battle style.

I started off as Boy, and named him Gold. I choose a Chikorita, since I have never actually EVER started with I named it MEGA, because it's last evolution and because Kris names her Chikorita that?

I walk. Yes, even after receiving the running shoes, I walked all the way to mr. pokemon's house. since I have no /balls/ yet :( I can't catch the kakuna I run into....thank god. I'd rather have a weedle anyways;;; blah blah I only get mega to level 6 when I fight the rival, which I appropriately name Silver. Though, he's more of a douche bag in the games than in the manga :(

So, I get back blahblahblah return egg. and Start my adventure, without consulting my mother; My first pokemon to catch is a male Rattata. In which, I name Mr. Scuttles.....IDE.....first name that sounded good.

I train MEGA and MrScuttles for awhile and start onto Violet city where I catch a level 3 female Hoothoot, I name her  Hooters :( and I trained her to level 5 before I was like I NEED TO CHEAT FOR 10x ;-;

I will more than likely give in and cheat at some point :(

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 Hoping to use this one :D in the future D:


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